what a day...
Today one of my customer complained..half of it was my fault..but i tried to reason with him..
I got scolded my a customer,caught in a traffic jam,need to finish my laundry yet i'm still grateful that i have lots of show to watch..so good niiiteee....

And this too shall pass.....

Going 'home" for Lebaran
Even though i don't celebrate Lebaran,I'll join the flow of people going home to their hometown..

FYI the place where i live right now IS my home town...joining the crazy traffic..places you can go within 5 hours turns to 15 hours..but I guess that's the 'FUN'? 

I cannot sleeeep...sugar high!!!

Sugar's intake is way too much..now my eyes are wide open.maybe i'll just watch some of Arashi's variety show or back to Super Junior's EHB..

back to the roots
So I've been following Kpop for a few years..around late 2008 starting with TVXQ's Mirotic but fell for Super Junior..
Lately i feel tired of Kpop..so many new groups and almost none of them have their distinct style...
I switched to listening my old jpop songs like SPEED's,NEWS',Arashi's (well for Arashi i still follow their albums until now xp)

I found a re-lit passion (wth am i talkin abt??) for Jpop groups and songs and variety shows..and it turns out my root is still for Jpop..especially Johnny's boys ^^
i'm not leaving Kpop..I just need a break from Kpop..

A.Ra.Shi A.Ra.Shi for dream..... XDD


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